Sunday, September 19th, 2021

A Win At Chase the Sun 2 and Close Encounter with Skippy


The second race in the series and Jess Douglas (Giant) and I took out the Mixed Pairs category, and finished 10th overall. We won by almost a lap and would have won the men’s pairs and wouldn’t have been last in the Men’s Pro Category. I was particularly happy with my opening lap, and managed to hang on to the lead group (including current Australian champion Dan McConnell, a couple of Van der Ploegs and others) for the first 12kms or so. Managed to string four solid laps together, with less than two minutes between my fastest and slowest which was my aim. Always good fun riding with Jess as she’s super motivated and consistent – what you want in a partner. She managed a great four laps as well, as a final tune up for her 24 hour in Queensland this weekend.

It had been a pretty uneventful race (read no crashes!!!) until the last lap when a big grey kangaroo came from nowhere and propped in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and skidded into the roo at low speed, and we both managed to move away unharmed but shaken. The guy behind me couldn’t believe what he’s seen and he yelled out again a¬†few seconds later when the roo came back across the track in front of me (this time 20 metres away).

The preparation is going well and was happy to be able to put in a strong race despite arrival of Wynne and a pretty solid month at work. Managing to hold it all together… 12 weeks til the Worlds and the formal preparation begins. Time to get some long miles in over the next month or so, particularly given I’ve got a bit of a break in the racing calendar.

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