Sunday, September 19th, 2021

First fortnight of fatherhood…


It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks, and it seems like a lifetime ago that I raced the Albury 6-Hour. As it turned out, that was the day before our daughter Wynne was born (two weeks early). First the race. The Albury 6-Hour was a big improvement for me in terms of endurance. I had a solid if unspectacular race, with a good start and very good finish. The only `lapse’ was the middle couple of laps where I failed to hang on to Sam Chancellor on the climbs. In the end I finished 5th in a good field and held off a number of riders. From a series points perspective it was a reasonably good day and it now appears to be Sam Chancellor, Scott Chancellor and I fighting it out for the last two spots on the podium. There are only two events to go – and one of them is after the worlds which Scott, Sam and I will be racing – so it will probably be a case of who recovers better. I am imagining the two guys in their early 20s might fair better than this 40-year-old but we shall wait and see. 

The baby, as mentioned, was early. Thankfully she wasn’t a day earlier as the birth happened so quickly that I am not sure I would have been able to get back in time. I drove back from Albury on Saturday night and Sarah’s waters broke at 5.30am the next morning. We went to the hospital but were sent home after a check up. I then got a call at 4.30pm while sitting at the Albert Park 

Hotel. Sarah had gone into labour at her baby shower (I was making myself scarce) and I got home in time to help her through a few deep breathing routines before heading to the hospital. We arrived at 6.15pm and the baby was born just over an hour later – incredibly quick. Everyone is healthy and the birth was a great experience but I will take a 24-hour race any time over that kind of endurance….

The two weeks since the birth have been spent splitting time between work and home. The training has suffered but this was planned for, and not a concern. Today, July 11, marks the official start of my buildup to the worlds. Diet, training and mental prep will be worked on over the next 13 weeks… This Sunday sees Jess Douglas and I take on the mixed pairs at Chase the Sun 2 at Lysterfield. Looking forward to a decent hitout.


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