Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

Riding the North Shore


A classic bridge punctuating the North Shore

It’s been a ridiculously long time since my last post – almost a year to be exact. In a sense it’s because it was the last time I rode properly (the Croc Trophy). Life has been good – a new baby born three months ago, officially a partner in the business and having a ball watching Wynne grow up – there just hasn’t been much of an inclination to get back on the bike. Until now.

Two weeks ago Sarah and I flew to Vancouver for a month-long holiday to visit family and friends, lap up the last days of summer and enjoy some family time. I decided at the last minute that I would bring the bike – it was just too tempting with all of these mountains around. In the last few weeks I have managed to get out to the North Shore of Vancouver four times. For those that don’t know, the North Shore is mountain bike mecca. It is famed for it’s steep gradients, incredibly rooty and rocky terrain and incredibly daunting man-made technical trail features (TTFs). TTFs, I have come to understand, represent anything from a towering skinny ladder high in the forest to a cycling `see-saw’ to a log ride (see pics). On the black diamond runs these obstacles can generally be ridden around. On double black diamond runs the obstacles are part of the trail and definitely non-negotiable. I have never ridden trails as technically challenging as these, and despite three over the handlebar moments in the past four rides I am addicted. My only wish was that I had a bike more suited to the job (ie with lots more suspension). My last ride there was with transplanted Giant superstar Josh Carlson (originally from Wollongong but now Vancouver) who must have been getting cold waiting for me at the bottom of every trail section… He was incredibly patient but it was great fun to chat about bikes and life with a fellow Giant team member on the other side of the world.

A classic TTF - combination of jump, bridge and pure terror

Josh and I among the tall timber of the North Shore

And so, unexpectedly, it has taken trails which have taken me out of my depth to restore my enjoyment for this sport. I am hooked again, and though I know that riding five days a week is not going to happen again any time soon I feel great that cycling is back in my life. Looking forward to getting out there again Friday…


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