Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

Back in the game


It’s been a looonngggg time since I posted to this site, mostly because I haven’t been riding much and there’s not a lot of content to draw on. But all that is about to change. Eight weeks from now Sarah, myself and the kids (Wynne is almost 4 and Shaw almost 2) are heading to Canada for the summer. No work, no schedules, and lots of time to ride… The `Endless Summer’ concept was first conceived a few years ago with my business partner, who decided we could both give each other three months off as a sabbatical / long service type arrangement. She had her turn last year, and I get mine this year.
In terms of riding, the following are on the agenda:
1. BC Bike Race at end of June. 7 days of singletrack goodness in a race which is universally lauded
2. North Shore riding. The North Shore is mecca for free-ride and I am looking to get there on a duallie (as opposed to the hardtail I had last time I was in Vancouver)
3. Gravity Camp. That’s right, from 24 Hour Solos I have decided the natural progression is downhill. Will be doing the camp at Whistler for 6 days and am equal parts anxious, excited and terrified.
4. Whistler Mountain Bike Pass for the Summer. Up and back to the mountain for day trips should be easy with Giant looking to organise me a downhill rig housed on the mountain and a season’s pass.
5. Rides with kids. A different pace and less gravity but looking forward to doing the stuff with them that I don’t get a lot of time for
Big thanks to Giant Bicycles Australia for sticking with me through my lean patch, to Bicycles Inc for continuing to be great friends not just sponsors, and to Sarah for supporting the foray back into racing…
In coming months I will post about the preps for Canada which are behind schedule, but hopefully passable, and of course the posts will be regular once I am over there. I will also be blogging for Giant Australia under the Endless Summer theme. Cannot wait!

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