Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Distance – 105kms
Max Altitude – 5210m
Riding time – 9 hours and 15 minutes

The hardest day of my life – one that will change me forever. I dug deeper than I ever have before and pushed my physical and mental limits beyond what I thought possible. I made it – just…
A combination of altitude and a [...]

Distance – 25kms
Max altitude – 5200m
Riding time – 2 hours

Basically a rest day, with copious tea and pancakes interspersed with a two ride up to Everest Base Camp proper. I spent most of the morning getting warm and talking to Lily, a 50-year-old Belgian woman who was supposed to be climbing a 7000m peak but [...]

Distance – 85kms
Max altitude – 5110m
Riding time – 6 hours 15 minutes

Potentially my best day cycle touring ever. I slept poorly last night knowing that the route was a 4WD drive track and that navigation would be tricky. Woke at 7.30am, got ready and ate two pancakes and drained a cup of coffee before setting [...]

Distance – 65kms
Max altitude – 4540m
Riding time – 5 hours
A shit day. As if someone wanted to show me that this touring thing’s not all peaches and cream, I was served up a long, cold, windy and emotionally draining day. The road was intermittently huge corrugations and deep sand. The wind was incessant, and front [...]

Distance – 80kms
Max Altitude – 5100m
Riding time – 7 hours 15 mins

Tibet had one last test for me. Two passes over 5000m, incredible headwinds, amazing views and abysmal roads. A spectacular finale.

The day started the hard way, scraping ice off the tent (including the inside). The water bottle inside the tent with me froze, and [...]

Distance – 65kms
Max Altitude – 4500m
Riding time – 4 hours

Sometimes the profile map doesn’t tell the full story. A massive drop in altitude looked enticing on paper but the road was horrendous. Roadworks made the 30kms of steep descent a muddy mess. It included difficult river crossings, thick mud and incredible sheer drop-offs (pictured right). [...]

Rest Day
Wokeup a bit ropey after one too many Everest beers, and took up the offer of an American group to go hiking into the hills above the resort (pictured right). It was a four-hour hike and satisfying as I’m not much of a walker. I really love it here and Nepal has already made [...]

Distance – 105kms
Max Altitude – 2200m
Riding time – 6 hours
Big climb, unfamiliar heat, chaotic traffic and oh so much oxygen in my lungs. The day began just after 8.30am (crossing the bridge from the resort pictured right) and it was pretty fast going for the first few hours as I snaked down through the [...]

Rest Day

Woke up pretty tired but satisfied. I spent the day walking around the zoo that is Thamel, exploring dozens of alleys and rooftop bakeries. I was able sell my bike – for $500 – which is a pretty good price. In exchange Chimmy agreed to fit mountain bike tyres for the race and is [...]

Distance – 40kms
Max Altitude – 2200m
Riding time – 3 hours
Took the bike into the hills in a futile attempt to find the mountain bike circuit for the big race. It was great to get out of the traffic, and though I had an enjoyable ride I couldn’t find anything resembling a mountain bike circuit. At [...]