Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

The 2010 season is officially over, ending on Saturday with the Gravity 12 Hour in a comparatively relaxed team of three.
A month has passed since the World Championships and the body is only now starting to return to normal. In that time I have had two races: the Gravity (fun) and the final round of [...]

Someone asked me last week at a Worlds Celebration Dinner what I attributed my result to. I replied with some half-thought through answer about having been well prepared, a bit of luck, etc. My answer was true, but it wasn’t exactly insightful. I then thought that I should document the answer so I can refer [...]

It had been more than a year since my last serious road race, and I’d picked a tough one. The Midlands Tour is renowned for the depth of its field, the difficulty of the terrain and the ferocity of the elements. Only the latter was missing this year, with a reasonably calm, though cold day.
I [...]

The second race in the series and Jess Douglas (Giant) and I took out the Mixed Pairs category, and finished 10th overall. We won by almost a lap and would have won the men’s pairs and wouldn’t have been last in the Men’s Pro Category. I was particularly happy with my opening lap, and managed [...]

Riding a six hour enduro is an emotional rollercoaster. There’s the pre-race anxiety (did I bring enough food, did I tell my pit crew everything, have I got enough brake pad left), the first lap adrenalin (can I squeeze through this gap), the mid-race concentration (how far is the guy in front, how far is [...]

Competed in the pairs category with Jess Douglas in Round 1 of Chase the Sun Series at Lysterfield. Despite an early crash, managed to string together consistent and reasonably quick lap times. Not nearly as consistent as Jess I should add – her four laps were within 6 seconds of each other! A metronome!
We took [...]