Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

Less than two months to the start of the Croc Trophy and the form is starting to build. And a little anxiety…
It has occurred to me over the past few weeks how implicitly you have to trust your coach. I have had a heavy focus on ergo (indoor trainer) sessions which tend to have the [...]

The first three weeks of the official preparation for Crocodile Trophy have ticked the three big boxes:
1. The routine has been established
2. Motivation has been restored
3. The body is starting to respond
Establishing a routine
People often say about diets that you shouldn’t think of it as a diet, but rather a way of life. After more than six [...]

By Jess Douglas and Brad Davies
A week to go and the pair of us have been getting some last minute high elevation training in. Jess has spent five of the past six weeks in the high country, including a second place overall at the Mount Buller Mountain Bike Festival. Brad had a very wet 5 [...]

When your pet event is a 24-Hour Solo Mountain Bike Race, you would think that most other races would look pretty straightforward. Not so.
The Terra Australis holds a lot of unknowns for Team Giant (Brad Davies and Jess Douglas) – not least of which is the fact that we have to back up day after [...]

Saturday morning I headed back out to Smiths Gully to tackle the mix of singletrack and steep fire road that I have come to love. A few minutes in I had a run-in with a tree, resulting in a little damage to my cycling knicks and arm warmers. Unfortunately for the `chaps’ I was riding [...]

Today was a 180km road ride through four seasons. We went from the autumn chill first thing, to the apocolyptic climb up Arthur’s Seat with 50m visibility, into Spring and then Summer conditions as we wound our way along Beach Road. With 6 hours of riding time, the day was perfect prep for the longer [...]