Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

It’s been a looonngggg time since I posted to this site, mostly because I haven’t been riding much and there’s not a lot of content to draw on. But all that is about to change. Eight weeks from now Sarah, myself and the kids (Wynne is almost 4 and Shaw almost 2) are heading to [...]

It’s been a ridiculously long time since my last post – almost a year to be exact. In a sense it’s because it was the last time I rode properly (the Croc Trophy). Life has been good – a new baby born three months ago, officially a partner in the business and having a ball [...]

Stage 7 was daunting on paper: 151kms and 43 degrees forecast. A break went up the road with Haselbacher, Mulkens, Sokoll, Griffin and Hsulmans early in the race and it was reasonably sedate except for Urs Huber attacking through the feedzones (a no no) and mayhem when we had to open farm gates. Eventually things [...]

The first three weeks of the official preparation for Crocodile Trophy have ticked the three big boxes:
1. The routine has been established
2. Motivation has been restored
3. The body is starting to respond
Establishing a routine
People often say about diets that you shouldn’t think of it as a diet, but rather a way of life. After more than six [...]

A few weeks ago I dragged myself out of bed at an ungodly hour to film a TV advertisement for Giant. The early wake-up was particularly difficult given I had raced a 6-hour MTB race the day before at Forrest. What should have been an easy trundle along Kew Boulevard ended up being an hour [...]

Five months sounds like a long time, but for a race as long and hard as I expect Croc Trophy to be it’s just around the corner. The 19-week training program designed by coach Jess Douglas is radically different to my program for the World 24 Hour Championships, on three main fronts:
1. A greater focus [...]

It’s been a brutal couple of months, with far too much work and travel, and the cycling has suffered. I have been working most weeks in Sydney and it’s not exactly practical to drag the bike up there, particularly when my work schedule has meant that I don’t have the time to ride anyway… I [...]

65ms & 1200m climbing
Time: 3.11
Place: Beechworth – Beechworth
Cracking stage to finish – plenty of singletrack, flattish and good racing. Nearly half the course today was on twisty, rocky singletrack at the Beechworth Mountain Bike Park and surrounds, making it a nice change from the wide open fire roads that have punctuated the week. We were [...]

75ms & 2200m climbing
Time: 4.05
Place: Bright – Beechworth
On paper this looked a straightforward day, with high mountain climbs and a bit of bitumen, but it was still a struggle. The major hill for the day was only two kilometres into the race – the ascent of Mount Porepunkah. The 14km climb wasn’t particularly steep but [...]

110kms & 3200m climbing
Time: 7.22
Place: Bright – Mt Buffalo – Bright
Rain from start to finish of the queen stage of the Terra, making a difficult day even more challenging. The objective of the day was to maintain reasonable position for the first three or four hours but leave enough in the tank for the biggest [...]