Sunday, September 19th, 2021

21kms & 400m climbing
Time: 1.10
Place: 2nd mixed pairs (again….)
Finally the terrain was back on our territory – lumpy singletrack with power climbs instead of vertical walls. Jess and I were keen to put in a decent showing and Jess was particularly relieved to be down closer to sea level. We got off to a great [...]

84kms & 2700m climbing
Time: 5:34
Place: 2nd mixed pairs and 82th overall (45 minutes behind leader)
Jess’ summation of the day is apt: one of the hardest days on a bike and made the Otway Odyssey look like kindergarten. The day got off to a difficult start today, as Jess has been really suffering with early breathing [...]

98kms & 2700m climbing
Time: 6:04
Place: 2nd mixed pairs and 12th overall (44 minutes behind leader)
The cruelty of mechanicals struck us, not our rivals, today. Jess and I put in a hard day made all the more difficult by a slashed tyre at the midway point. That mechanical caused a number of flow on issues that [...]

65kms & 1700m climbing
Time: 3:12
Place: 1st mixed pairs and 4th overall (10 minutes behind leader)
The first kilometre of any mountain bike race is usually an anxious one, but when the race is going to last for seven days there was even more anticipation than usual. The start was congested but the long climb out to [...]

The past month has been incredibly frustrating. A sinus infection in the last week of my holidays migrated to my ear and then throat, rendering the past three weeks close to useless from a training perspective. It also cost me an opportunity to ride the queen stage of the Terra Australis, which I drove instead. [...]

It’s 5am at Mount Stromlo in Canberra, Australia. I had been racing for 17 hours of the World 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships and was inching my way up a section of fireroad almost 30% steep. Gritting my teeth as I passed a rider I was struck by an eerie feeling. A set of bagpipes [...]

Saturday started full of promise. I have been riding well and the Northern Combine Championships were being staged on my favourite circuit just outside of Kyneton. I got a lift to the start and was there in plenty of time, rating myself a reasonable chance to do well. On our way to the start line [...]

It’s officially one month to go until the World 24 Championships in Canberra. Despite all my hard work til now it can easily unravel in the next four weeks on a number of fronts:
1. Illness (brought on by the big training loads and high intensity work, as well as focus on weight loss)
2. Crashes (brought [...]

It’s been a big few weeks on the bike. On the plus side my temporary bachelor status has given me some freedom from a time perspective. On the minus side has been the weather…
On the weekend of October 23 I headed up to Canberra to do a reccy of the Worlds Course. Gulp. A lot [...]

After what seemed like a full week celebrating my birthday, I was a little apprehensive about how the legs might fare on the weekend. Training had been great but a few late nights, the scramble to get Sarah and Wynne on a plane to Canada and lots of Sydney work travel had created a few [...]